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Tomb Writer
30 October 2011

A long gap between updates, but then I've been busy! I'm currently halfway through writing the ninth Wilde/Chase novel. It doesn't have a title yet - the working title was Eye Of The Dragon, but neither I nor my publishers were especially enthused by that, so I suppose I'd better start putting some thought into a better alternative! But the main reason for this update is to show off another addition to the ever-growing list of foreign editions of my novels, in this case the Romanian version of THE HUNT FOR ATLANTIS.

Not In A Rush(ian)
2 September 2011

Another brief entry, to show off two new covers. Well, I say new: the Russian edition of THE HUNT FOR ATLANTIS has been out for a while, but I only just received a copy! Fresh off the press, however, is the Norwegian edition of THE CULT OF OSIRIS.

Far North And Far East
21 August 2011

A micro-update to announce that both THE SACRED VAULT and EMPIRE OF GOLD are to be published in Norway by Cappelen Damm, and a Japanese edition of THE HUNT FOR ATLANTIS will be published by Softbank!

The Summer Break
25 July 2011

It's been a while since the last update (I have to admit, it's easier to use Twitter, even if I have to keep my verbose ramblings down to 140 characters...), and there isn't a huge amount to report. Nothing that I can confirm, anyway - but if the stars align I may in the near future have something to announce regarding a subject a lot of people have asked me about. Read into that what you will!

I'm also well into the planning stages of my ninth novel; again, I can't tell you much about it at the moment (not even whether or not it'll feature Nina and Eddie), but hopefully soon things will be confirmed with my publisher and I'll be able to make an announcement. Rest assured that just because TEMPLE OF THE GODS is finished, I'm not merely lounging around drinking wine and playing Call Of Duty! Well, not all the time...

Speaking of TEMPLE OF THE GODS, I thought I'd beat Amazon to the punch for once and show you the cover. And it's a beaut! This is only a preliminary version, and I've been told that the colours may be toned down on the final artwork - but to be honest I hope they don't, as I think the current art is excellent. Also new is the Norwegian edition of THE SECRET OF EXCALIBUR, contrasting the watery theme of TEMPLE with some good old-fashioned flaming sword action!

The Empire Strikes Shelves
26 May 2011

Today's the day: the UK paperback of EMPIRE OF GOLD is on sale! To mark the occasion, the good people at Headline, in association with Tesco, have devised a competition to win an iPad 2, MacBook Pro and iPod Touch. It's a treasure hunt; follow the clues and the prizes could be yours. To get started, just click on this link.

While I'm here, I may as well show off the spiffy Italian cover for THE COVENANT OF GENESIS, which is abbreviated in Italy to just GENESIS. No relation to the band!

Done And Dusted. Ish
7 May 2011

Quite a lot's happened since my last post. There's been a royal wedding, Osama Bin Laden is dead... and I've finished my latest novel, TEMPLE OF THE GODS! Celebratory champagne has already been drunk (for the last one, specifically).

Okay, when I say "finished" I mean I got to the part where I typed "THE END". There's still work needed - there was one small scene (probably less than a page out of the entire novel) that for some reason utterly stymied me when I was trying to write it, so I skipped over it and have to go back and complete it, and then there's all the editing and tweaking and "how the hell did I not notice that mistake the previous seventeen times I read it?" fixes... but the biggest part of the job - actually writing the story - is done. Hooray!

So what's next, you may be wondering? I'm not actually sure at the moment. Nina and Eddie will be back in another new adventure before too long, but in the meantime there's an idea I've been developing for a new, non-Wilde/Chase series; however, I'm waiting to hear what my publishers think of it before I start full-on work. If they hate it, I'm back to square one! Hopefully they won't, though, and I'll be able to tell you more about it soon. (As a hint, it's an action thriller - I'm not about to throw everyone into confusion by writing a romance. I know where my strengths lie!) I might also do a little side-story featuring two characters from the Wilde/Chase novels if I get time, but I'll have to see how things go. Whatever happens, I'm not going to be sitting around watching Jeremy Kyle and eating Pringles all day. I don't like not working!

Just to wrap up, here's the cover from the Chinese edition of THE TOMB OF HERCULES. If you're wondering about the dazzling rainbow flashes, it's printed on fancy holographic card that bamboozled my scanner, so I had to take a photo!

Cue Dr Evil Voice
26 April 2011

I've had some exciting news, which I'm still finding rather mind-blowing. I recently had a meeting with my publishers, where I was given the latest sales figures for my books... and they're good. Staggeringly good. Worldwide, sales of my novels now total more than, get this...

One million copies!

I was with my agent when the figures were revealed, and all we could do for a moment was look at each other with dropped jaws. It's absolutely amazing, especially considering that it's happened over a relatively short time - it's actually less than three years since THE HUNT FOR ATLANTIS first came out in mass-market paperback format. So I wanted to say thank you to everyone who's helped me get this far: my editor Vicki, my agent Robin, everyone at Headline in the UK, Bantam in the States and all my other publishers around the world... and most importantly my fans, for making my books such a success! I hope you'll all stay with me for the novels still to come. Here's to the next million!

Good Times
16 April 2011

I'm still embroiled with the writing of TEMPLE OF THE GODS, so apologies for the lack of updates - and also for being slack in responding to emails. But the new book's coming along well, so hopefully things will be back to normal soon. Anyway, a couple of brief bits of news: THE SECRET OF EXCALIBUR has been sold to Danish publisher Cicero, and THE SACRED VAULT has become my latest New York Times bestseller - getting to #11 in the US paperback charts!

Temp(le) Agency
24 March 2011

An announcement! It's been shrouded in mystery for a long time, but the title of my eighth novel has finally been decided, and it is...


The UK publication date was originally planned to be September or October this year, but it now will probably be early in 2012 to escape the celebs-and-cookbooks fest that is the British bookselling Christmas. That doesn't mean I can slack off about finishing it, though - the Australian release will apparently be around November. How come the Aussies get it first? Because EMPIRE OF GOLD was a huge hit Down Under, getting to #3 in the national charts! So my Australian publishers want to have it on the shelves in time for the festive season. I'd better get on with it, then!

For those of you in the US and Canada, you'll still have something to read in the meantime, as THE SACRED VAULT is out now, and the North American edition of EMPIRE OF GOLD will go on sale on 27 September. And here's the cover!

Rocket Number 9
3 March 2011

I've been so busy with writing the eighth Wilde/Chase novel that I haven't updated for almost a month. Which I really should have, as EMPIRE OF GOLD reached the top ten in the official UK Original Fiction chart! That's the highest position any of my books have achieved to date, and hopefully it will bode well for the mass market paperback release in May.

It's also been a while since I've had any new international edition covers to show off, so to make up for that here are three at once! They're the Dutch version of THE HUNT FOR ATLANTIS, the Danish THE TOMB OF HERCULES and the Indian edition of THE SACRED VAULT, in this case going out under its original title (and cover design): THE VAULT OF SHIVA. (I guess the Indian marketing department didn't need to worry about whether their readers knew who Shiva is. ;)

Who Is Number One?
4 February 2011

Two updates in as many days? Crikey! But I wanted to share something: namely that EMPIRE OF GOLD has rocketed up Amazon's bestseller charts, blazing into the Top 100 and reaching the highest position of any of my books to date.

Not only that, but it topped the 'Action & Adventure' chart! My first number one!

All of which I'm obviously rather chuffed about. I'll be keeping a close watch to see if it goes any higher over the weekend! (On a sidenote, you might have noticed that EMPIRE OF GOLD also features in the 'Contemporary Fiction' chart. Which includes such titles as Brighton Rock [published in 1938], Of Mice And Men [1937] and The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists [1914!]. How on earth do they count as 'contemporary' fiction, Amazon? I'm just askin'. :p )

The Empire Strikes Back
3 February 2011

A (long-belated) Happy New Year to you all! The long gap in updates is partly because I've just moved house for the first time in 17 years, which was a rather involved and stressful business, and partly because I've been spending whatever time when I wasn't panicking about the move working out the final details for Book 8. But now I'm in the house, as a DJ might say, and the details have been finalised, and I'm finally back at work writing a new novel!

And speaking of new novels (damn, with lame segues like that I really should be a DJ...), the seventh book in the ever-growing Wilde/Chase series, EMPIRE OF GOLD, goes on sale in the UK today! Okay, Amazon have been selling it for more than a week, but today's when it should start appearing in actual bricks-and-mortar shops. This time, Nina and Eddie are on the trail of the Incas and their legendary lost city of gold... but they're not the only people searching for it, with corrupt soldiers, drug lords and revolutionaries all wanting its treasures for themselves. Well, it wouldn't be very exciting if they just strolled up and found it without any trouble, would it? Join them on their quest in hardback, trade paperback and, I've been assured, new-fangled ebook-y formats today!

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