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Remember, Remember...
5 November 2012 update your website once in a while! A quick status report on my current whatdoings; as well as making a start on a second Leviticus Gold short story (which I had to put aside for now because of, y'know, actual work) I'm checking the copy-edited manuscript for THE PERSONA PROTOCOL, which will be heading to the printer soon, and when that's done I'll be back at work on the next Nina and Eddie novel. The story's mostly worked out - now it's time to come up with all the action!

To give you something to look at in the meantime, here are some new foreign editions: the Italian paperback of THE COVENANT OF GENESIS and hardback of THE CULT OF OSIRIS, and the two-volume Japanese edition of THE HUNT FOR ATLANTIS. Yes, that's an exploding helicopter, front and centre on the cover. The Japanese 'get' what my books are all about!

The Gold Standard
22 September 2012

Want something to read, for free? Of course you do! Then it's your lucky day, because I'm giving away a short story right here. It's nothing to do with Nina and Eddie, nor is it a trailer for THE PERSONA PROTOCOL - it's something completely new that I wrote for fun. Here's the blurb...

Grim. Gritty. Uncompromising. Ruthless. Damaged. Dangerous.

None of those words describe Leviticus Gold. Instead, try "celebrity". Rock star, actor, author, explorer, sportsman, fashion icon, raconteur, libertine, hedonist... you name it, he's tried it. But a bizarre mid-flight murder sees him attempt to add a new string to his bow: "detective". And he has a very strong incentive to identify the killer - he's the prime suspect!

MURDER ON THE ORIENT EXCESS is a new short story from Andy McDermott, international bestselling author of THE HUNT FOR ATLANTIS, available exclusively from his website.


It's a PDF; converting it to a fancy new-fangled ebook format is beyond my ken for now (also I'm too lazy to learn how, but maybe in the future...) If you like it, let me know, either by email or via Twitter - if it gets a good response, I hope to write more stories with the same characters. If you don't like it, well, I still had fun writing it no matter what you think!

They're Back!
30 August 2012

In the United States or Canada? Jonesing for a fix of new Nina and Eddie action? Desperate to find out what happened after the shock ending of EMPIRE OF GOLD? Then the news that RETURN TO ATLANTIS is now on sale in North America should be just what you need!

(Remember, it's the same book as the UK's TEMPLE OF THE GODS, but with a different title, for what I'm sure are solid transatlantic marketing reasons. Don't buy them both. Unless you're feeling generously disposed towards me, in which case, thanks!)

Protocol Initiated
24 August 2012

I can finally announce the title of my next novel! It's currently scheduled to come out on 28 March 2013, and is called... THE PERSONA PROTOCOL.

What can I tell you about it? Not too much, at this early stage - I don't want to give things away too soon. But it's not a Wilde/Chase adventure. Ooh, scary, I'm moving out of my comfort zone! But not too far. It is (as you'd probably expect from me by now) an action thriller; a spy story with a high-tech twist. Think Bourne, 24, Mission: Impossible - that's the kind of pace and intensity I was after. I'm really pleased with it, and think it's probably my best novel yet. But you'll be able to judge for yourself next year!

If you're worried that means the end of the line for Nina and Eddie, don't be! Their ninth adventure is already being planned, and is scheduled for publication in early 2014. It won't, however, be THE EMPEROR'S CURSE, which was the book I had been working on. In fact, whatever the pre-order listings on Amazon may say, that particular novel will never appear. Why not? It's a long story, but suffice it to say that I wasn't happy with it and decided, after considerable agonising, to scrap it and start afresh. In fact, I now know what the next two Wilde/Chase books are going to be about, so what seemed like a disaster ultimately turned out to be a boon!

Buy The Gods!
2 August 2012

A short update to announce/remind everyone that TEMPLE OF THE GODS is now out in paperback in the UK! (Americans and Canadians, don't fret; your edition, retitled RETURN TO ATLANTIS, goes on sale later this month.)

Speaking Personally...
2 June 2012

Another long gap between updates, I know. What can I say? I've been busy... finishing my ninth novel! Yeah! [dances, blows party squeaker]

Unfortunately, I can't reveal much about it just yet - not even the title, which is still being discussed. I know what I want to call it (there's a clue in this entry ;), but I'm waiting to get the nod from the marketing bods. I can say this much, though: it's not THE EMPEROR'S CURSE. Is it even a Wilde/Chase novel? Weeeeell... all will soon be revealed!

But now: some content! I've got four new covers to show off: the Norwegian editions of THE SACRED VAULT and EMPIRE OF GOLD, and the new Spanish and Danish (not Dutch, as I said in the original version of this entry!) versions of THE TOMB OF HERCULES. Which are all rather splendid.

Cover Story
27 March 2012

A very, very, very belated Happy New Year! It's been rather a long time since the last update, I know; sorry about that. Things have been a bit hectic, but... well, there will be more news soon about my next book, I promise. Watch this space.

In the meantime, here's a small update to keep you going as I show off the covers for the North American edition of TEMPLE OF THE GODS - or, as it's called in the US and Canada, RETURN TO ATLANTIS - and the Danish edition of THE SECRET OF EXCALIBUR!

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