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8 October 2013

It's been a little while since the last update (as a fan pointed out to me by email today!), but at last there's something new to report!

Firstly, here's the cover for my next release in the US and Canada, THE SHADOW PROTOCOL. As I'm sure I'll get fed up of reminding everyone, this is THE PERSONA PROTOCOL with a new title for a different market - it's not a different story! So don't buy it twice. Unless you want to be a McDermott completionist.

Secondly... there's a new Nina and Eddie novel on the way! The ninth adventure for our intrepid duo is called THE VALHALLA PROPHECY. It's due out in hardback in the UK in January, although I'm waiting for confirmation from my publisher regarding the ebook edition; in the past it's been a simultaneous release, but the date listed on Amazon for the Kindle version is a month later for some reason. I'll put up the exact dates when I have them. In the meantime, feast your eyes on the rather spiffy cover!

And finally, just to show that I'm still working even when the website isn't being updated, I'll soon be starting to write the tenth Wilde/Chase novel! It has the working title KINGDOM OF DARKNESS, though that may change before publication. Whatever it ends up being called, I'm looking forward to getting started!

Golden Opportunity
13 July 2013

A short update this time. First up, THE PERSONA PROTOCOL is now out in paperback in the UK, so hurry out and buy it if you haven't already! In addition, I've got news about the North American release - it'll be out in the US and Canada on 28 January 2014 under a slightly different title: THE SHADOW PROTOCOL.

Second up, I've made the first Leviticus Gold story available on Kindle via Amazon, under the title MURDER ON THE ORIENT EXCESS: THE CURIOUS CASE FILES OF LEVITICUS GOLD, #1. That implies there will be more stories to follow, and hopefully I'll get round to writing them soon! The price is a bargainous 77p; I was actually hoping to do it for even less, but it turns out Amazon has a minimum initial price for Kindle titles, and lowering it requires jumping through a ridiculous number of hoops. Oh well, 77p isn't going to break the bank! Click the cover below to go to its Amazon UK page; if you're not in the UK, your own country's Amazon should also have it available soon.

Now With Added Kaboom!
22 June 2013

I haven't updated for a couple of months, but I have a very good excuse - I've been busy writing the ninth Wilde/Chase adventure! It has a working title of THE RUNES OF VALHALLA (which will probably change; I'll announce the actual title when it's confirmed) and it's now been delivered to my publishers, with an expected publication date of January 2014. I've already started planning the tenth Nina and Eddie story, which I plan to start writing later in the year. But before that, I'll be taking my first holiday since 1998 - a long overdue break!

In other news, THE PERSONA PROTOCOL is out in paperback in the UK on July 4, and in the spirit of American fireworks on that day the mass-market edition has been given a slightly different cover, with added explosions! It's still the same gripping story, though, so if you haven't read it yet, you only have to wait a couple of weeks for the paperback.

Also newly out is the Norwegian edition of TEMPLE OF THE GODS, the cover of which you can see right below!

Launch Protocol
28 March 2013

It's out today! THE PERSONAL PROTOCOL is on sale in hardback, trade paperback and ebook formats in the UK and Eire today - and also, fans have told me, in some stores in Australia even though the official publication date is next month. The sooner the better, I say! I don't have details of the US release date yet, but as soon as I do I'll announce it here and on Twitter.

Rounding up this short but sweet update is the cover of the latest Danish edition of THE SECRET OF EXCALIBUR.

Getting Persona(l)
7 February 2013

You probably noticed it on the site's front page (it's hard to miss), but the UK cover for THE PERSONA PROTOCOL has finally been revealed! Just in case you somehow didn't see it, here it is again in all its gritty glory.

It's a very different style to the Wilde/Chase novels, which is quite deliberate; I wanted to write a thriller that was more akin to the crunchy, heightened reality of Bourne or 24 than the all-out mayhem of the Nina and Eddie books, and I'm delighted that the cover reflects that. So now I have to keep my fingers crossed that you enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it!

As an extra bit of coverpalooza, here's a new German paperback edition of THE HUNT FOR ATLANTIS. Not quite sure where the sci-fi aircraft carrier fits into the story, but it looks impressive all the same!

On a final, more sombre note: my grandmother passed away yesterday, and I wanted to pay tribute to her. Not only was she a beloved figure in my life, but she was also the inspiration for the character of Nan, Eddie's grandmother, in the Wilde/Chase novels. Rest in peace, Grandma Jeanne. I'll miss you.

But That's A Whole Nother Year!
6 January 2013

New year, new news page - and in a relatively timely fashion for once! Since there are things going on, I thought I should share them. The first big piece of news since the last update is that I've started writing the next Wilde/Chase adventure, which is due to be published in the UK in January 2014. It doesn't have a title yet; I came up with a list of possibilities, but none of them especially grabbed me, so that's still to be confirmed. However, the current frontrunners are The Runes Of Valhalla and The Serpent And The Wolf, so that should give you a clue which branch of mythology Nina and Eddie will be deliving into this time...

The other news is about a book which is already finished and gearing up for publication: THE PERSONA PROTOCOL. It comes out on 28 March in the UK, and April in Australia and New Zealand. Why did I specify that latter? Because I can now reveal the cover of the Down Under editions! (It's not quite an exclusive, as Hachette Australia put it up on their site, but at least this time I beat Amazon to it!)

As you can see, it's quite similar in style to the Wilde/Chase covers; I was extremely pleased to learn that those books have been very successful in Australia (TEMPLE OF THE GODS reached #3 in the Australian bestsellers list, I'm told), so my Antipodean publishers want to keep the same look.

The UK cover, however, will have a brand-new design for a brand-new series. I've seen it, and I like it; it's very cool and stylish. The reason I can't reveal it yet is that the background is still being finalised, thanks to me being an awkward sod and going "What if instead of X, we had Y?" (Awesomely, Headline came up with a new version incorporating my suggestion practically the next day!) As soon as it's decided, I'll post it here.

So, that's what's going on for me at the start of 2013. It looks like it's going to be an exciting year!

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