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It's Good To Have Options
1 July 2014

Okay, so yes, it's been rather a long time since the last update - just a week shy of six months, in fact. But I've been busy in that time, honest! I've finished another novel, and have some rather exciting news about the series as a whole...

First of all, the tenth Wilde/Chase adventure, KINGDOM OF DARKNESS, has just gone to the printer ready for its UK release on 28 August. The most evil regime in history is about to resurface, searching for a legend found by history's greatest king, and only Nina Wilde and Eddie Chase stand in their way. It's their most dangerous mission yet, and even success will come with a heavy price - I chose the title for a reason...

Also coming out in the near future are the UK and US paperback editions of THE VALHALLA PROPHECY, the former on 31 July and the latter 30 September. And here are the covers!

What else has been going on? Well, there are the Spanish edition of THE COVENANT OF GENESIS and the very cool two-volume Japanese edition of THE TOMB OF HERCULES keeping things going internationally...

And there was something else. What was it? Oh, yeah...


Before you rush to book your tickets, I'll be very British and try to temper everyone's enthusiasm; this doesn't mean you'll be seeing a movie of THE HUNT FOR ATLANTIS in 2015. At this stage, it's just what in Hollywood terminology is called an "option", and I know from my time as a movie journalist (and wannabe screenwriter) that an option is only the first step in a potentially very long journey to the screen. But every journey starts with a first step, so fingers crossed...

Back in the literary world, I'm in the middle of planning the eleventh Wilde/Chase story, which is going to be Biblical in scope - literally! Beyond that? Your favourite adventuring duo will return, but their twelfth story will be something a little... different. But that's for the future!

2014, And Still No Flying Car
8 January 2014

Happy New Year, again! This website is now in its eighth year, and still lazily endearingly hand-coded in HTML. What can I say; as much as I love technology, I'm a luddite when it comes to actually learning how to use new things...

Anyway, 2014 kicks off for me with not one, but two new novels, as you've hopefully seen on the title page: the UK release of the ninth Nina Wilde/Eddie Chase adventure, THE VALHALLA PROPHECY, in hardback, trade paperback, audio and ebook formats, and the North American paperback release of THE SHADOW PROTOCOL, known elsewhere in the world as THE PERSONA PROTOCOL. (I guess January is a good month for espionage-related "shadow" titles, what with the movie release of Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit!) Both books are explosive, non-stop action thrillers, so whether you want archaeological adventures or counter-terrorism conspiracies, I've got you covered.

Something else to show off are these new editions of two of my older books: the moody and storm-racked Spanish version of THE SECRET OF EXCALIBUR, and the pretty-damn-story-accurate Polish EMPIRE OF GOLD. Nina and Eddie are still steadily making their way around the globe!

As for future books, I'm currently in the middle of writing Wilde/Chase #10, KINGDOM OF DARKNESS, and there may be some news about other projects later in the year if all goes well: stay tuned to find out!

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