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Missives From The Great British Summer
26 August 2015

Another long wait between updates - so much for my hope at the end of the last one! I know, five months is quite a long time, especially in the age of social media. Sorry about that, but I have been a tad busy with a new baby in the house - and planning the next Wilde/Chase novel! It doesn't have a title yet, but everything else is almost in place, and I plan to start writing it in the next couple of weeks. It'll be about Nina trying to achieve a harmonious balance between work and parenthood. (There will also be some explosions.) So, a bit like my life right now. Except the explosions part.

What else is going on? Well, I've got not one, but two titles coming out in the UK over the next few months! The first is the ebook short THE LAST SURVIVOR (24 September), which serves both a a sequel to the previous novel KINGDOM OF DARKNESS and a lead-in to Nina and Eddie's next full adventure, THE REVELATION CODE. That comes out in the UK on 30 November in hardback, trade paperback and ebook formats, with the US paperback on 26 April 2016 and the UK paperback soon after on 5 May 2016. The thrillingly whirlybird-centric covers are below: it took a while, but I finally got an exploding helicopter on the front of a book!

I also recently did an hour-long interview with Authors On Air, which you can listen to by following this link. Hear me talk about the genesis of the Wilde/Chase series, my approach to the writing process, my debut novel that wasn't and a lot more besides - all in a voice that's been described as "a posher version of Eddie", which hopefully won't be too soporific! (It's always a shock when I listen to a recording and go "God, is that really what everyone else hears?")

Blowing Away The Cobwebs
26 March 2015

I'm back! Apologies for the long delay in updating - even longer than usual, on this occasion. Twitter is just a so much more convenient way to say things; no messing about with web hosts and FTP and having to use ancient versions of Photoshop on a painfully slow 15-year-old laptop because Apple's OS updates broke compatibility...

Anyway, news! The first is personal, and also goes a long way to explaining the lack of activity here: since my last update, I've become a dad! Regular readers of my books may have noticed a parental theme creeping into Nina and Eddie's recent adventures, but I can assure you this was a case of life imitating art rather than my wanting grist for the story mill. However, since things I write about seem to have a habit of being reflected in reality (such as the discovery just this week of a Nazi hideout in Argentina, something that features prominently in KINGDOM OF DARKNESS), maybe for the next book I'll have my heroes win the lottery!

And on the book front, the UK paperback of the aforementioned KINGDOM OF DARKNESS is now out, and will soon be followed (on 28 April) by its North American counterpart, the cover of which is below. And while I'm on the subject of covers, also below is the Spanish edition of THE CULT OF OSIRIS. It's always interesting to see the very different takes that other markets use for their artwork!

I've also finished the next Wilde/Chase novel, THE REVELATION CODE, which comes out in the UK in November. Before that, though, there's something a little different - a Nina and Eddie short story! Available as an ebook exclusive, THE LAST SURVIVOR is not only a bridge between the events of KINGDOM and REVELATION, but is also a proper action-packed adventure in its own right as Nina and Eddie find themselves being stalked in their home city by an enemy out for revenge. It will go on sale on 24 September on all ebook formats.

Anything else? Well, if you can't wait that long to read something of mine, I made a previously unpublished novel available for free via Twitter, and now I'm (finally!) including the link here. It's a science fiction adventure I wrote over ten years ago called THE NEXUS IMPRINT, and the reason I decided to put it out was that the release of the movie Jupiter Ascending - which has a very similar basic premise - meant that the chances of my ever selling it to a publisher dropped to zero! So if you want to read it (as a PDF, because I really couldn't be faffed to format it as an ebook - c'mon, it takes ages and I just became a dad!) then you can click here to download THE NEXUS IMPRINT.

Okay, I think that's everything for now! Hopefully, further updates will be a bit more timely...

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