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Sweet (20)16
6 May 2016

I think I'm going to stop apologising for long waits between updates, because, well, I do it every time I update now! Which shows you how often I do update. My Twitter feed is a much more convenient and quick way for me to make announcements (or crack jokes, or blather on about things that have caught my attention). So if you want up-to-date news about me and my books, following me on Twitter is the way to go!

The website is still going to be here, though, and right now I'm going to make some announcements. The first is that the paperback editions of THE REVELATION CODE have both just come out in the UK and North America, and very good they both look too. Here's the proof:

Also on the way is the twelfth Wilde/Chase adventure, THE MIDAS LEGACY, which I've just delivered to my publisher. It sees Nina dealing with some unexpected family secrets that may have deadly consequences as she follows her mother's lost research to discover the truth behind the legend of King Midas. The stunning cover is below, so watch out for it on 22 September!

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